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Why Sunbrella Fabric Is The Best In The Business

Why Sunbrella Fabric Is The Best In The Business

Smart umbrellas have many components that contribute to a great outdoor experience, but the most essential part of any umbrella is the roof, also known as the canopy. After all, this is what protects you and gives the umbrella its identity!

For the canopy, Above’s smart umbrellas use a premium material called Sunbrella Fabric to give you the highest performance possible. Here, we will cover what this fabric offers you and help the Above umbrellas stand out!

Superior UV Protection

When lounging outdoors, you and your guests should have the best protection from the sun and have a nice source of shade to keep you cool!

To do this, your Above umbrella and its thick Sunbrella fabric blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet rays from the sun, giving you the confidence that you’re safe while spending extended time outdoors. 

Optimal Weather Resistance

In addition to sun protection, your Above umbrella is designed to withstand and shield you from other elements, such as rain and wind.

Aside from Sunbrella fabric being highly durable, fade-resistant, and inherently resistant to harsh weather, Above smart umbrellas, such as the Height, come with a built-in wind sensor that automatically closes it and preserves its integrity.

Above Sunbrella Fabric

Easy Cleaning

Over time, as you enjoy your Above umbrella, the fabric is bound to accumulate dust and dirt naturally due to being outside.

Luckily, Sunbrella fabric is straightforward and effortless to clean when needed; plus, it’s impervious to stains, so it continues to look great on your patio for years to come.

Available In Eye-Catching Colors

Speaking of looking good in your outdoor areas, Above umbrellas and its Sunbrella fabric canopy come in three lively colors for you to choose from.

With these, you’re bound to find the perfect color that suits the aesthetic of your home or business while giving it a touch of modernity!

Above sunbrella fabric

Find Your Above Umbrella Today!

The roof is the most crucial aspect of your umbrella, so you’ll want the very best when investing in something that goes above and beyond in durability and protection.

Above smart umbrellas and their Sunbrella fabric provide the very best in this regard, and in conjunction with other features that you’ll love, you and your guests will always have a pleasant outdoor experience.

To get your very own today, click here to learn more about Above smart umbrellas, such as the Height. In addition to our Height series umbrellas, you can also find out more about our new designs, such as the Paramount and Pinnacle that are arriving in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned, and importantly, stay protected with Above and its Sunbrella fabric.
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