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Remote control does not work.

Try to re-pair your remote control with your umbrella.

My umbrella will not open or close. What should I do?

If your umbrella has trouble opening, please check the following

  1. Please have them check if the power switch is turned on at the top of the control board.  It is under the rubber cover in the center at the top of the control board in red.  If it is off,  turn it on and try again.  If not move please move to (2).
  2. Press the remote button up or down, does it make a beeping sound?  If yes please contact Above’s customer for further instructions.  If not, please move to (3).
  3. Take the control board down from the umbrella and use the USB port to charge (at least 4 hours to charge). 
  4. After charging, if there is still no response from the control board please turn the power off and then on.  Press the up button on the remote within 3 seconds of turning on the power (this will re-pair the remote to the control board).  There should be a long beep to signal the remote is paired to the control board.
  5. If you have gone through all the steps above and there is still no response from the control board please contact Above’s customer care for further assistance.
My umbrella will not fully open.

Please close the umbrella completely and then open it. If it does not solve the problem, please charge the umbrella.

What should I do if the umbrella cannot be closed after the battery runs out while it is open?

There is an emergency release latch attaching the lower hub to the upper hub.

You can manually close the umbrella by turning the latch counterclockwise.

My umbrella cannot be charged, what should you do?
  • Check if all the symbols on the top of the umbrella's electronic components are aligned. All the "locks" on the electronic components should align with the "arrows."
  • Please make sure to place the umbrella in an area where it can receive direct sunlight. Cloudy, overcast, or foggy weather may hinder the solar panel's normal charging function.
  • Turn off the power (red switch) on the control panel, and then use the Micro USB port on the control panel or the LED light to charge the umbrella.
How to know if the umbrella is running low on battery?

When the battery level of the umbrella drops below 15%, the control board will beep 4 times, twice every 30 minutes, and the LED light will stop working.

LED Light is not working

Please check if all the symbols are properly aligned. If the umbrella opens and closes without any issue but the light doesn't turn on, please recharge it. If the battery level is below 15%, the umbrella will emit a beep sound and the LED will not function.

Umbrella Care

Where can I fix my umbrella?

If your umbrella needs repairs, please contact Above’s customer care for further instructions on how to repair your umbrella.

Can I wash my umbrella?

If you would like to wash your umbrella canvas, we recommend spot cleaning with water

or with a mild soap solution and rinse.

  • If you need more detailed cleaning instructions, please check the Sunbrella official care guide.

Download Care and Cleaning PDF >

Download Stain Chart PDF >

What is the recommended base weight for my Height umbrella?

We recommend using a minimum of a 90-pound base for a 9-foot umbrella and a 120-pound base for an 11-foot umbrella. A heavier base with a larger base area can better secure the umbrella in high winds.

When should I store my umbrella?

We strongly recommend storing the umbrella during winter or harsh weather conditions such as typhoons, tornadoes, sandstorms, etc.

What is the warranty of the Above Height Umbrella?

1-year limited warranty for umbrella frame and parts. 5-year limited warranty for Sunbrella fabric.

Can I use my patio umbrella at the beach or Seaside ?

While patio umbrellas are excellent for use on decks or in backyards, they are not suitable for use at the beach. If your home is located in a coastal area, please ensure regular cleaning of your umbrella to ensure its prolonged use.

After the rain, the umbrella cannot open or close properly. What should I do?

Please let the umbrella dry completely before attempting to open it again.

What type of screwdriver is needed to remove the back cover of the remote control?

To remove the back cover of the remote control, you would need a Phillips screwdriver with the appropriate size, typically PH00#.

How to Use the Umbrella

How do I open and close the umbrella?

The height series umbrella comes with a remote that will allow you to open and close the umbrella using the remote.  Press the up button to open and the down button to close.  If the wind sensor is turned on, the umbrella will automatically close when it detects high wind speeds.

Are the umbrellas compatible with bar height tables?  Or do they need an extension pole?

The umbrella can be set in the middle of outdoor patio tables and high bar tables.  The remote control holder is removable and can adjust to the height you would like.

How do I charge the Height umbrella?

An umbrella can only be controlled by one remote controller. If you pair another remote    controller, the previous one will be overwritten or overridden.

How many umbrellas can be paired with a single remote controller?

The same remote controller can simultaneously control multiple umbrellas. However, it is      recommended to control a maximum of four umbrellas with one remote controller.

How many remote controllers can be paired with a single umbrella?

An umbrella can only be controlled by one remote controller. If you pair another remote     controller, the previous one will be overridden.

About the Umbrella

Does the umbrella come with a base included?

The umbrella does not include a base. The base needs to be purchased separately.

What is the clearance height of the umbrella from the ground to the end of the canopy when it is down.

See below for clearance height from the ground to the bottom of the umbrella when it is closed.

9 Foot Umbrella: 49”

11 Foot Umbrella: 39”

What is the pole diameter of your umbrellas?

The pole diameter measures 1.5 inches, which adheres to the standard size for patio umbrellas and is compatible with the majority of bases and patio tables designed for use with such umbrellas.

Can I replace the canopy of the umbrella fabric myself?

If there are any issues with the canopy  that require replacement, please contact customer service.

Does the fabric have waterproof properties?

Our Height series umbrellas are all made with Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric is known for   its abrasion resistance, mold and mildew resistance, as well as its weather resistance. If you would like to learn more about Sunbrella, please visit

Please note that the umbrella has an IP64 water resistance  rating, so we do not recommend leaving the umbrella open outside during heavy rain.


General Questions

How do I open the OneClick umbrella?

Cranking the handle will open the umbrella.  Turning it clockwise will open it and counterclockwise to close.

Can I wash my umbrella?

If you would like to wash your umbrella canvas, we recommend spot cleaning with water or with a mild soap solution and rinse.

Should I close my umbrella when there is high winds?

It is strongly suggested to close your umbrella if there is high winds to avoid damages to your umbrella.  Not doing so your umbrella may have the potential to be uplifted by the winds causing damage to the umbrella or surrounding objects.

The umbrella rib was damaged, what should I do?

The OneClick™ Umbrella was designed for easy replacements of damaged ribs.  Unhook the canvas from the damaged rib and press the button attaching the rib to the frame.  Pull and remove the damaged ribs.  Replace the ribs with a new one that comes with your OneClick™ umbrella or contact our customer service at for more details on ordering a replacement.

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