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How A Wind Sensor Can Make Or Break Your Next Umbrella

How A Wind Sensor Can Make Or Break Your Next Umbrella

When it comes to umbrellas, most people think of them as a simple tool to shield themselves from rain or sun. However, advancements in technology have brought innovative features to the humble umbrella, making it not just a functional accessory but also a smart and reliable companion. 

One such advancement is the integration of wind sensors in umbrellas, specifically Above’s smart umbrellas for patios, and this article will share with you important details on why having one of these can completely change your outdoor experience for the better.

How Does A Wind Sensor Work?

Although Above smart umbrellas such as the Height have many features that collectively allow for the best experience possible when lounging outside, one of the most standout ones is their built-in wind sensors. So, how do these work exactly? 

Above’s wind sensors are strategically placed at the top of the umbrella near its solar panel to detect changes in wind speed, and when it exceeds a certain threshold, the sensor triggers an automatic closing response. This makes sure the umbrella remains stable and intact during unpredictable weather.

As you keep reading, you’ll learn more about the benefits of having one of these on your umbrella and why you should consider it for your next one!

Enhanced Stability & Safety

Naturally, the main purpose of a wind sensor in an umbrella is to improve its stability and provide safety measures. With traditional umbrellas, strong gusts of wind can easily flip them inside out or even cause them to break. 

This not only renders the umbrella useless but also poses a safety risk to the user and those nearby. Wind sensors in Above Height umbrellas mitigate this risk by automatically adjusting the umbrella's position or even closing it temporarily until the wind subsides. 

This ensures that the umbrella remains functional and protects its users even in adverse weather conditions.

Above height wind sensor

Protecting Your Investment

Purchasing an Above smart umbrella with a built-in wind sensor is a wise decision to help you get your money’s worth out of your umbrella and keep it functioning for years to come.

These umbrellas are designed with durability in mind, and the inclusion of wind sensors adds an extra layer of protection. By preventing damage caused by strong winds, the umbrella's lifespan is significantly extended and can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Traditional outdoor umbrellas are often vulnerable to strong gusts, which can lead to broken ribs and torn fabric, essentially rendering them useless and needing to be replaced. This, of course, costs even more money as well as your confidence in your next umbrella. However, with Above umbrellas, this won’t be something you have to worry about!

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that your smart patio umbrella can withstand challenging weather conditions is invaluable.

Imagine being caught in a sudden storm with a flimsy umbrella that flips inside out at the slightest gust of wind. It's not only inconvenient but can also be dangerous!

With Above umbrellas, you won't have to fret about this scenario. The wind sensors will automatically close it, so you won’t need to preemptively do it yourself to prevent damage to its frame or fabric, which are durable in their own right.

Above Height frame

Take Your Outdoor Patio To New Heights!

Whether you need an outdoor umbrella at home or for your business, Above smart umbrellas such as the Height have revolutionized the way people spend time outside while also offering high durability and extra stability to make them last.

To see what else the Height brings to the table and get your very own, click here to find more information and learn about all of its benefits!

Smart umbrellas should be reliable in all aspects, and with Above, you can go above and beyond for you and your guests as you gather around one of ours and have an unforgettable time.

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