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Height 2 Classic Smart Umbrella with Durata™ Fabric

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The Height 2 Smart Umbrella introduces a revolutionary blend of style and functionality with its sleek and enhanced design. Featuring a visually appealing top aesthetics, this innovative umbrella not only shields you from the elements but also adds a touch of modern elegance. With the addition of power indicator lights and magnetically detachable parts, Height 2 ensures a seamless and convenient user experience, setting a new standard for smart and stylish umbrellas in the market.


Power Indicator Light Status

Keep track of your power without having to worry about cantstantly charging.

Crafted for umbrellas that stand the test of time

Durata Solution Dyed Polyester Fabric boasts exceptional durability, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient performance in various applications. Its robust quality stands out, offering comparable strength to high-end solution-dyed fabrics, making it a reliable choice for enduring and stylish solutions. With 3 year limited warranty allows you to stay worry free.

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