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Meet The New Height Series Umbrella by Above

Meet The New Height Series Umbrella by Above

Crafted with the finest materials, the Height umbrella is a must-have for any stylish and practical individual who is looking to take their yard or patio experience to the next level!

In this article, you will learn about all of the features and benefits of our brand-new and highly-innovative smart umbrella offers so that you can have the best lounging and outdoor experience possible.

Functionality With The Click Of A Button

One feature to be excited about with the Height is that you can simply open and collapse the umbrella using a remote control! 

With its motorized hub, gone are the days of manually doing this yourself, and this is especially helpful if you own more than one Height smart umbrella.

Those who enjoy multiple Height umbrellas can benefit from a single remote control to operate each one, making it ultra-convenient to get set up at any moment’s notice.

LED Lights To Brighten Up Your Evenings

The Height Series umbrellas aren’t only there to protect you from the sun and provide some much-needed shade during those hot days; they can create a cozy atmosphere during the night as well!

This is all done by the built-in LED lights, which will add some ambiance to your patio area or anywhere you want to display your smart umbrella outdoors proudly.

If you have guests often, they will surely appreciate the illumination that the built-in lights can provide.

Automatic Wind Protection To Keep Your Umbrella Safe

Whether you reside in a location known for windy days or you have them on occasion, one of the finest features the Height offers is its wind sensor.

The wind sensor will detect high winds and automatically shut your umbrella to prevent it from blowing around and becoming damaged.

With the Height, you will have peace of mind every day that it will be intact and ready to go again when the weather is just right!

Made Possible With Solar-Power

With all of the fantastic features the Height has, you may have wondered how it works - this smart umbrella is powered entirely by solar energy and its built-in battery.

The solar panel placed directly on top of the umbrella will keep it energized all day long, which is exceptionally efficient when you need to use the LED lights when the sun goes down.

So, even when idle, your Height umbrella will recharge automatically; no cables or outlets are needed, allowing your outdoor areas to maintain a tidy appearance!

Find Your Perfect Height Today!

Our Height umbrellas come in two sizes - 9 feet and 11 feet, and you also have a handful of colors you choose from that are bound to match the aesthetic of your yard.

To learn more about the Height or order the best smart umbrella for you and your needs, click here to find out how!

Let the Height become the newest addition to your patio, and enjoy what it brings to the table for your outdoor experience.

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