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3 Ways Above Umbrellas Can Upgrade Your Next Backyard Gathering

3 Ways Above Umbrellas Can Upgrade Your Next Backyard Gathering

For many of us, the backyard setting can create lifelong memories with family and friends. However, getting everything set up can have its challenges!

Above smart umbrellas can truly make a difference not only for you but your guests as well. Here’s how one of these can make your gatherings stress-free and bring unparalleled comfort to everyone!

1. Optimal Shelter & Comfort

Naturally, one of the most fundamental uses for any umbrella is to protect you from the sun, and Above brings the very best in UV protection. 

Not only does it provide shade to stay cool, but the canopy is made from Sunbrella fabric, which can block up to 99 % of harmful UV rays, ensuring the safety of your guests. 

Even when it’s not particularly sunny, Above umbrellas with their Sunbrella fabric are weather-resistant and easy to clean so that they can look great all year round!

Above Sunbrella Fabric

2. Eye-Catching Aesthetics 

Beyond their functional attributes, Above umbrellas also add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your backyard gatherings. 

They come in different colors, allowing you to choose one that complements your outdoor décor and two different sizes to accommodate both small and large groups of people.

Additionally, with their built-in LED lights, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere even when the sun goes down and the night is young.

3. Effortless Set-Up

Although the party itself is essential and Above smart umbrellas can help bring an experience like no other, what happens before and after is important too!

Organizing any gathering can be a bit overwhelming for many people, and these umbrellas come with built-in motors and remote control functionality, allowing you to open and close multiple umbrellas with just the click of a button.

This convenience, provided by eliminating the hassle of having to do this manually, lets you focus on other aspects, such as preparation, and can give you some extra time to relax and wind down when the night is over.

Above Height Features


Your backyard patio has a great potential to leave a lasting impression, and with Above, you can do exactly that.

Find out more about Above smart umbrellas, like Height, and all the other excellent features they can offer that can improve your quality of life by clicking here and finding the perfect size and color for your patio.

Whether you have a small, intimate group that regularly comes over or you plan to have a large get together, Above has you covered in more ways than just from the sun! 

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